About Us

How We Began

Alluring Labels began when a tired mom (hi, that's me!), was glued to a couch constantly feeding her hungry newborn. In the midst of the COVID pandemic, we brought a new tiny little human into the world. Since that wasn't crazy enough for us with two under two "running" around, we also decided it was time to move and start an entire business. 

The stress of working from home with a 18 month old (our first born), had us thinking. I have always wanted to take after my parents and have the freedom to work a flexible schedule. This was why I decided to get my diploma Graphic Design–becoming a freelance graphic designer sounded like the perfect job. Unfortunately, as an introverted person, freelancing just wasn't all it was cracked out to be. I loved my profession, but needed to change something.

Never did I have the time to think than when I was stuck sitting on a couch, after a c-section, feeding my always hungry, fast-growing newborn. Ideas started flowing, but the main thing I kept thinking was: what can I do that I won't get bored of doing. What will bring me joy and make me use my brain. What will make me feel fulfilled in my business. 

ALLURING LABELS is exactly this. It is everything I ever dreamed of doing. I love to create new designs, I love working with clients to create something unique for a loved one, or themselves. Every sweatshirt I press brings me joy, every painting I paint brings back my passion which is where I began. I am excited to continue challenging myself to create more and grow in both business and personally.


- K. ♥


About the Brand

At Alluring Labels we strive to build our business with other Canadian businesses in mind.

All our supplies are bought from Canadian companies: sweatshirts (Montreal, Quebec and Mississauga, Ontario), our stickers and labels (Toronto, Ontario), our HTV and vinyl (Innisfil, Ontario), our cushion covers (Montreal, Quebec), printed canvases (Vancouver, BC).

We buy only the best materials; we wear, and use what we sell.


What Our Customers Are Saying

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