Eco-Friendly Clothing | Designing with the Planet in Mind

Alluring Labels creates all it's clothing custom

What does this mean? We don't print, cut or press a shirt until it is sold. This means there is zero waste. We don't make a shirt until you want it. This is why there are so many colours and designs to choose from.

We only order from the warehouse when we run out of a particular size or colour, and then we re-stock our popular colours and sizes, to prevent extra deliveries.


How does this help our planet?

By only creating an item after it is purchased, we don't have a bunch of "finished" clothes waiting to be purchased. We don't need to buy 10 of each colour and size for every single design. 

This saves clothes from being made without someone to wear it. It prevents wasted ink or vinyl from being printed, and the use of energy for those items to then be pressed. 


How does this effect the customer?

In short, it doesn't. All our processing times are marked, and we are very transparent about how long it will take to make each item individually.

As we need to create each product after purchase, we don't do same-day shipping, like the big box stores. You, therefore, get a brand new, freshly printed and pressed shirt that hasn't been sitting on a shelf or in a box for months. 


How else do we help the environment?

We buy everything we use locally, within North America, and most often within Canada. This means, when stock is low, we can have it restocked by the following business day. It also means that our items have a small carbon footprint. 

We also ship once or twice a week (on busy weeks). We don't want to be running to the postal service every day, as this would be using an incredible amount of gas which would not be good for our environment. This is also included in the processing time, so don't worry about orders coming late, we account for all of this.